Auto Scrolling Testimonials

Auto Scrolling Testimonials plugin allows you to show testimonials with auto scrolling effect in the side bar by using widget. There is also a shortcode functionaility which helps to show testimonials records in pages. To show testimonials on pages you can use the shortcode [astlist]. This shortcode also accepts the different arguments. For example [ostlist nop=”no of testimonials” order=”rand”].

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About Developers of this Plug-in:

The development and release of the plug-in is taken care under OpenSource Technologies. WordPress Expert Developers at OST have released the plug-in publicly to help and support the open source community of WordPress developers. The plug-in is available for free to download.

About Company:

OpenSource Technologies is prominent web design and development company with offices registered in India, UK and USA. We believe in delivering the solutions that reflect the needs and vision of our clients. We have solid reputation, proven track record and skill set. Whether your need is a creative design, a well developed website, professionals for maintenance of your website, or an online marketing campaign, we invite you to tell us how we can serve you.