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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


How much does a website cost?

This is dependent on the number of pages and complexity of the website. A fixed quote and timeline will be provided for your review once we understand the statement of work.

What Technology or Platform should I built my website?

OST is not bound by programming language. We will build a website in WordPress or Drupal or any other language that best fits the requirements you have. We aim to provide the right technical solution and will advise accordingly.

How long does it take to build and launch a new website?

This is dependent on the number of pages and complexity of the website. Typically a basic informational site can be delivered in 1-2 months while deeper and more complex may take 3-6 months.

Will my website be set-up for SEO?

Every website we build is Basic SEO optimized, even if you don’t choose our monthly SEO service. Your website content should include targeted SEO keywords. Depending on what audience you aim to attract, specifying different keywords in your copyrighting will allow your site to be found organically. Our digital Marketing team can help you with this decision making.

Can I fix my old website instead of starting with a new one?

Yes, OpenSource can come in at any stage of development and help improve your existing website. If you have an existing website, we can redesign, add custom features or port your content to a new platform or design. If you do not have a website, OpenSource can help you build it from the ground up.

Do I need to provide a design?

No, you don’t need to provide a design. OST provides full in-house design services to meet you at whatever stage of design your company finds itself in. Provide us your branding guidelines (or) if you have a design, we can incorporate it into our workflow to give you exactly what you want.

Can you do logo designing?

Yes, our in-house design team has experience designing logos for businesses of all sizes and industries.

Will I have a main point of contact for my project?

Absolutely, there will always be one, if not two people you can discuss your project with. One will be more strategic in thinking and the other will be more of a technical lead during development.

Can someone help me to write the Web content?

Yes, OpenSource has an in-house content writer with experience in writing web content. Our Digital Marketing team can also put our eyes on the project to ensure the proper SEO objectives are being met.

Will you train me on how to use my website?

Yes, when turning over the keys will always do a thorough handover of the backend Admin sections and any other highly technical areas that require training.

What do you need from me before you start?

This varies by project, sometimes it’s content such as copy, images, videos, etc. Sometimes its username and passcode access to your existing applications and the server they run on. We’ll advise what exactly we need oncewe understand the scope of the project.

How I can hire you?

OST typically provides a quotation or proposal to accomplish the project. This document must be signed and returned to us along with the stated deposit required. We can also discuss hourly rates and staff augmentation if you wish.

Do you need all money upfront?

Not at all. Many projects take 2-6 months or more to complete. Each project is broken down into phases or milestones. Payments are coordinated with these milestones. As we hit these due dates, an invoice will be generated noting that phase has been completed.

How I can see the progress?

Not at all. Many projects take 2-6 months or more to complete. Each project is broken down into phases or milestones. Payments are coordinated with these milestones. As we hit these due dates, an invoice will be generated noting that phase has been completed.

Do you offer website maintenance packages?

Yes. Rest assured, once development is done, support for your website can persist. We offer 30 days free bug support after we go live with your website. After 30 days, if you so choose, a monthly application maintenance agreement can be put in place so you always have someone looking out for your best interests.

Once my website design is completed, what after-sales service do you offer?

Both an application and server support agreement can be purchased for a monthly fee.

Why am I not ranking #1 in search results right away?

Organic search takes time to establish. The length of time is dependent on your industry and competition. Search Engines will crawl your website every so often and will look for new websites, or, new and unique content on your website. The more frequently your website provides new content, the faster it will climb in search engine rankings.

Will we need to have a meeting to discuss the website’s design?

Yes. The design stage is very important and very iterative. This can be done in person or online. OST will provide multiple designs and revisions to get the design phase just right. It is imperative to do so because once the design phase is approved, development begins.

Do I have to keep my website with you forever, or can I move it to another provider?

If you choose to go with a different provider, you will have full ownership of your website’s code after the final payment, should you want to develop or host your site elsewhere. In no way will OST hold you hostage from reaching your business goals.

What photo, graphics and text formats should I use for my new website

Typically, photo’s are provided as .jpg format. Written copy can be provided in Word or Excel. Graphics can be provided in Photoshop or Illustrator. Videos are recommended to be provided in .mp4.

Are there hidden costs associated with Web design services?

No. We provide fixed cost proposals. Sometimes there are client requests that come after the statement of work is executed, in which we will provide a revised SOW with a fixed price to accomplish that request.

Can you provide hosting services?

Yes, we can host your application in any number of ways, be it dedicated, shared or in the Cloud. Our cloud services team is proficient in AWS and Azure.

What are my options for e-commerce

The bigger question is, which one is right for you? We have extensive experience with Shopify, WooCommerce, OpenCart and Magento. We’ll help you make the right decision based on the number of products and expected daily/weekly/monthly visitors.

How do I get my website listed on search engines, especially Google?

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is a process that helps your website move up in the search algorithms of platforms like Google and Bing. OpenSource employs SEO when it writes web content for your website.

What is the difference between a static and a dynamic website?

Static websites are ones that are fixed and display the same content for every user, usually written exclusively in HTML. A dynamic website, on the other hand, is one that can display different content and provide specific user interaction. By making use of advanced programming and databases in addition to HTML, a lot can be done to personalize the user experience. Static websites are easier to create, while dynamic websites require more time and a strong database.

Can I update website content myself?

Yes, the Admin section of any website we build will allow for you to update web content. You will be free to change almost any aspect of the content as you see fit.

How can I accept credit cards on my website?

OpenSource has expertise in eCommerce and online payment gateways, including all major credit cards and PayPal, even international gateways if required.

I already have a website and it needs updating. Can you help me?

Sure thing, we just need to have a quick consultation call and then we will perform an analysis to accomplish the tasks you require, whether design or functionality are the updates you require.

Do you work with Startups?

Absolutely. OpenSource builds application strategies for startups on a regular basis. We love consulting and bringing our rich experience and capabilities to make any idea come to fruition.

Who owns the website once work is complete?

Client. (About who owns the code – OST takes whatever code they develop and sets up the code on the client’s end. The client has full ownership of that code. After project and final payment, client owns the code. 100% ownership to client

Do you create workflow web application?

Workflow applications are a specialty of OST. Whether its integrating and pulling data from 3rd party patforms, or eliminating manual labor or outdated methods, we always strive to find workflow enhancements because that’s where true ROI can be found and realized.

Do you integrate with API’s?

Give us an API and we can connect to it. Any software that has an API is one that we should be able to push or pull information from. We also build API’s where necessary for the software we build.

Can I connect custom CRM with landing pages?

Absolutely, and many marketing efforts require multiple landing pages, and all have clear calls to action. These calls to action produce data driven responses and should integrate directly with your CRM.

Can you improve website speed?

Yes, and this is based on two factors, the application and the server. We make assessments all the time to improve performance of both.

Will you changes will impact my live website or business?

No, we push all updates overnight so as to not conflict with day to day working operations or the customer experience. As well, extensive testing is done on our staging/testing server and gain client approval before we go live with any updates.

To whom I need to contact if my website stops working?

Call OST! If you have an application and server support plan with OST, we’ll probably know it isn’t working before you do.


What Mobile App development services are offered by OpenSource Technologies?

We build cross-platform as well as Native iOS and Android platforms.

What is the best way to communicate with your expert consultant or team?

Email. Phone Call. Screen Share. Or even meet in person. Let’s schedule a time to talk. We’ve been there and done that, we just have to know you and your idea.

Who owns the legal rights to the code developed by OpenSource Technologies?

All code developed by OST is the property of our customer after the final payment is made on the last deliverable. End of story.

How do you ensure that your IP is protected?

First, we’ll ask you to sign a Mutual NDA. This way you are free to share any information related to your idea so we can get to the bottom of the deliverable. Your secrets are safe with us.

Will you sign an NDA?

Yes, we can provide you an NDA of our own or review and sign yours.

How Would I protect my App Idea

It’s hard to protect an App idea. Often times it is more about speed to market. OST can recommend a few attorneys you can speak with to see if there is a process patent possibility.

Why should I choose OpenSource Technologies over other mobile app development companies?

Transparency of Process. From beginning to end there is total communication of benefits, costs and results. Decisions are easy to make, but are they right for you?

What are the different types of mobile apps you can develop?

Social Apps. Efficiency Apps. Internal or External Apps. There are lots of reasons to build an App. The why is what we will uncover and build accordingly with your goals in mind.

How I am going to test the App?

We’ll provide you builds as the project is progressing. Depending on what type of phone you have, you’ll be able to download and test the App for functionality and ease of use before we ever go live.

What do you need from me to upload the App on iPhone and Android store?

Each store is different. Apple is more complex, and will require you to have a valid website and DUNS number before you can make it go live. Android is less strict, however…..

What is the mobile app development process you follow?

Whether we are building a website, an App or the software that drives your business, we follow a 3 step process that ensures you get what you want before we even get close to going LIVE. A video on our process can be found here: https://s3.amazonaws.com/ost.agency/OST+Web+and+Application+Development+Process.mp4

Will you assist me in the app submission process?

We do the App submission for you.

What If I want any modification in my application once it is launched?

No problem, Apps frequently go through changes and OST will be there for you every step of the way. rarely do we launch an App that doesn’t need some changes, so expect that we’ll revise accordingly as users start providing feedback.

How Feasible is my Idea?

We can advise on this. Sometimes an idea is already maxed out. Competition is high. We don’t want to see you spend your hard earned money on a whim. We succeed when you do, so if we don’t like the idea, we’ll tell you, or tell you what it takes to make you different.

How much time does it take to develop an App?

This is dependent on the complexity. 3-6 months is a viable timeline to consider, but there are some that take more. It really depends, but we’ll advise what we expect and we can proceed from there.

What would be the Cost of Developing the App

Cost is highly dependent on complexity as well as the length of time to get Published in the App stores. Android is quicker than Apple, of which you should expect or allow for 60 days to get the App released to all potential users after development is completed.

How Should I raise funds for the App

This is tricky. Venture Capital firms don’t want to touch startups until there is track record. We can help you build that track record until such time as a valid and substantial business plan can be projected. Some leverage friends and family to begin, others find Angel investors or pool their funds such as crowd sourcing.

Should I have a Wireframe Ready?

It always helps to bring your idea into the light, but not required. We can build the wireframes with you, or, you can share your ideas from the beginning under an NDA so we can all speak and share unhibited.

How will I judge the success of the app?

This is dependent on the business model. Downloads and Reviews are important, but not the end all be all. OST can help drive these through store optimization, but maybe revenue is the goal. Either way, we’ll craft a plan for measurement that will provide month over month analysis opportunities.

Do I need both App and Web application?

This also depends on business model. If you are building a social media App, then yes, we do advise one application that works on all PC’s and mobile devices. However, some App’s are only released on mobile devices and accomplish their goals. This question really requires dialogue to determine.

I have a website, can you build an app for the same?

The short answer is yes. Most Content Management Systems (CMS) can be integrated to and content pulled down to an App. But sometimes the App idea is wholly self sufficient and does not need to integrate, other than the database itself. We can guide you on best practices here.

Do you maintain existing App?

Yes. As Apple and Android make changes to their platforms, so do we for your App. This is typically a quarterly exercise, but as of late has become more frequent. Under a Maintenance and & Support Agreement, we’ll ensure you are always accessible no matter what any third parties do to their platforms.

How can you help in building an app to increase recurring business from my existing consumers?

An App in itself is your business in their pocket. Once it is, things like Text Messaging and Push Notifications can drive reminders about products and calls to action. Promoting the App to your existing database is a task we can assist you with so it is seamless, easy and desirable to do so.

Do you have any experience in developing e-commerce apps?

Absolutely. eCommerce is a specialty of OST whether web or mobile or both.

I am a non-technical person, how will you help me understand the development?

We always provide options to accomplish your stated goals. Options are typically provided by cost, time and benefit and the decision ultimately is yours to make.

How frequently do you share an update on the process?

Weekly or Bi-Weekly. You’ll know what is going on with your project every step of the way. Some weeks will be more time intensive than others, but you’ll never be waiting on us for answers about where we stand.

Who will pay for API and third-party services fees?

Integration with third parties is always possible, and if we know upfront what those integrations are, they will be a part of our fixed quote. If there are any monthly fees associated with these connections, then those will be your responsibility unless determined otherwise.

How do you accept payments?

Check or wire transfer are preferred. We also accept credit cards, but neither of us will want to pay those service fees. But ultimately the decision is yours.