FB Auto Complete with Post Image

“FB-Auto-complete-with-image-post” is a plug-in that empowers you to customize options from FB Auto-complete settings page. Hereinafter you may find its feature-rich and smart functionalities:

Plug-in displays all post in search box in auto suggest way. you only have to create a post and that post title will be suggest like Facebook do in search field. that plug-in will get image from the post, so it is not necessary to use featured image section.

Another benefit of that plug-in like you have title “Jhon Xavior” then you can find it with keyword “Jhon” or “Xavior” .That plug-in starts working with default WordPress search box.
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fb-autocomplete2.png                           fb-autocomplete1settings

About Developers of this Plug-in:
The development and release of the plug-in is taken care under OpenSource Technologies.
WordPress Expert Developers at OST have released the plug-in publicly to help and support the open source community of WordPress developers. The plug-in is available for free to download.

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