Map Locator

This extension provides the facility to show different points on Google Map as per your requirement. There are 4 levels of the Map –
World -> Country -> State-> Site Location

Steps to Setup the extension –

For Using MapLocator component have following step:

1. Install the Maplocator component.

2. In Component menu bar Select Map Locator > Site Location.

3. On the Site Location Manager set parameters. Your can add/edit delete the location.

4. When user add/edit site location submit all field (Currently we have added all the details for United States -> Alabama and United States -> Michigan. So you can only add the record for only these two location).

5. User can add Latitude Longitude with help of

6. On the front end User can view World -> Country -> State-> Site Location


1. You can contact us for Support of this Extension.

2.Click here to download.