OpenSource Technologies Earns Merit-Based Philadelphia100Ⓡ Award as One of the Fastest Growing Companies in the Philadelphia Region

Philadelhia 100 Award

OpenSource Technologies is one of the 2022 winners of the merit-based Philadelphia100Ⓡ award. The company, a leading web and mobile development agency, announced that it had been given recognition as one of the fastest-growing companies in the Philadelphia region for a fourth consecutive year.


OpenSource Technologies (OST) provides cutting-edge, innovative, and cost-effective tech solutions, including product engineering, web development, mobile development, CRM, UI/UX design, and E-commerce. The company delivers adaptable software solutions for a broad spectrum of industries: retail, manufacturing, education, health technology, social, and nonprofit.


There is a massive acceleration in digital transformation. The world is rapidly evolving, and organizations across all industries need best-of-breed web and mobile app solutions to stay optimally functional. OST continues to facilitate the creation and optimization of state-of-the-art digital solutions businesses need at all levels. OST’s services are helpful for new and older companies, regardless of their current level in adopting tech solutions.


The Philadelphia100Ⓡ award, one of the most sought awards in the region, is a merit-based program. It was started in 1998 by The Entrepreneurs’ Forum of Greater Philadelphia and the Wharton SBDC. The program has distinguished some of the region’s high-performing companies at the early stages of their emergence: Fiberlink, Urban Outfitters, Forman Mills, and more.


It started as an idea to bring recognition to the region but has emerged as a new standard. The program aims to encourage regional companies to deliver top-notch products and services. The award distinguishes companies performing exceptionally and serves as a badge of honor for locally built companies with tremendous and steady growth.


The program has strict eligibility requirements. Only the fastest-growing, privately-held companies are given the Philadelphia100Ⓡ designation. The integrity of the selection process makes the Philadelphia100Ⓡ  a top-rated award in the region.


To receive this award, the business must have at least a gross revenue of $125,000 from 12-month sales. In addition, there must be a minimum of a three-year sales track record to be eligible. Businesses that declare bankruptcy within three years do not qualify for the award.


OpenSource Technologies meets all the eligibility criteria for Philadelphia100Ⓡ. The software development company has been growing consistently over the years. There is massive growth in the company’s revenue and substantial improvement in the value of products and services offered. With the current financial and operational achievements, OST is poised to remain a leader in the software development industry with innovative tools, unique culture, and strong client relationships.

About OpenSource Technologies

OpenSource Technologies is a top-rated, independently-owned web and mobile development company. OST was established in 2009. With over 750 years of cumulative industry experience, over 50 partner agencies served, work in over 35 countries, 1,500+ applications delivered, and 80% client retention & referral, OST stands out as one of the best software development companies.

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