OpenSource Technologies (OST) Meets The Public At The Montgomery County Business Expo

The Montgomery County Business Expo is a yearly event that brings all the best businesses in the county to one place. Plus, this is a wonderful time to hear a keynote speaker, meet the businesses at their booths, and learn what is happening in the county. OpenSource Technologies  (OST) went to the event to show the public how they make mobile application and website development simpler and more user friendly.  Plus, OST gave all visitors a chance to win prizes after visiting their booth. If you missed the Montgomery County Business Expo, you can learn more about it below.

The Expo

The Expo is a huge event that brings in dozens upon dozens of businesses into one place.  The event is designed to help local business owners get to know each other. Sometimes, people do not realize that they have an amazing business partner living right around the corner, and business owners get to know new friends when they come to the expo.  

An expo is also a place where people come to hear a keynote speaker and share ideas.  The most recent event featured the CEO of the Elmwood Park Zoo, and the event was held at Montgomery County College where anyone could attend.  College students are always encouraged to attend, to meet local businesses, and members of the public can come in to meet business owners they have never seen.  A business should not just have a sign or a facade. By coming to the Expo, OST puts a human face on the website and mobile app development services that flow from the office every day.

What Does OST Do?

At OST, we want customers to come by and see what the brand is all about.  CRM development, SEO services, mobile app development, and web development are all a part of what OST does, and any visitor could talk to staff members at the booth.  Aside from the services that we can provide, the company booth had a fun activity going all day that drew in many happy customers.

Having Some Fun

Anyone who came by the OST booth at the expo could enter the drawing that was to be held at the end of the event.  The drawing offered three prizes, and the first prize was free SEO and initial setup costs. This is a great way for a local business to get into the SEO and web development world.  Plus, it might make other companies think about the web design and development services they need. Any company that does not have a professional app or site might take the plunge once they realize it is so easy to get started.  

The Real Winners

“Dunlap SLK” took home the first prize from the expo, and they get a chance to change the public’s perception of their business.  Anyone else who came by the OST booth has probably thought of what these services could do for them, and they might have heard the keynote address that motivated them even more.  OST came to the Montgomery County Business Expo to give the public a chance to meet their local SEO experts.  Plus, the staff had a chance to meet people and give them real advice about managing their website or their mobile presence.  

The real winners are the people of Montgomery County who can turn to a local firm when they want a nicer website, a better mobile app, and a nice image that is created through these services.  If you are in the area next time, you should come by to see our OST booth and learn more about our services.