osCommerce is becoming the main platform for eCommerce website development. It integrates the features to your website that let your users access the website easily and quickly. Recently we have launched osCommerce extension “Multiple Pages for One Checkout”. Extension has added functionality that allows guest users to checkout without any registration.

That add-on allows guest user to checkout without login offer the functionality for logged user to single page checkout. Add-on is the best for single page checkout with all type of card payments, shipping etc. That Add-on developed at OpenSource Technologies are highly appreciated by clients.

If you have an eCommerce website based on osCommerce platform, the above mentioned might help you if you are facing problem with check out.

Download the osCommerce Add-on:

Add-on is available to download free. You may download it directly by clicking on the link given below:

Click here to download

About Us:

We are a company with experts of PHP, MySQL, Joomla, Zend framework, CakePHP, Smarty. We are expert in e-Commerce, Social Networking and Green products

Besides this OSCommerce extension for eCommerce sites, we have also developed a number of Joomla extensions and WordPress plug-ins that are available free on our website to download and utilize.

We can also develop customize extensions and plugins tailored to meet your unique needs. If you are interested or need one, please get in touch with us.