10 Stupid Reasons why it’s cool to Date an OSTIAN

Ostians aren’t they cool, sweet and loving? Don’t be fooled by their techy behaviors, In outer world they may call boring or geeky or anti-social or Bonded Labour but let me tell you the inside story. They are multidisciplinary, very creative, logical, and magnificent and can make life a little easier with their problem solving skills with just a mouse click.

1. They have gifted tongues with different languages

In OST they have multicultural environment, there are different languages like PHP, jQuery, CSS, HTML, SQL, SEO etc. They all know these or you can say these all are their mother tongues and you won’t believe they also know English and Hindi except these.


2. They are super lazy, but you will love it.

They are lazy for doing boring, repetitive work. So they always have shortcuts for these tasks or even better you might find library with lots of classes and functions for your use also. Even you can find some automated way of doing normal things.



3. It’s super easy to buy gifts for them

Birthdays, wedding anniversary or other occasion they always get the same gift from the OST. So anything new and they’ll love it. A techy gift card, latest software package, video game or ant tech items will make him happier species in the world.



4. They can survive worst kinds of torture

Parsing a defected XML or HTML, Analyzing other programmers code for logical mistakes, find and fix bugs, meeting deadlines, extra requirement burdens from clients, giving estimates for unknown projects ……. And the list goes on and on.



5. They are committed

They start their commitment by committing project deadline. Then commit their projects to SVN and then works on those projects with that commitment no matter what is the project. Finish what you start is an unspoken motto for them.



6. They know reverse engineering.

When things fail and the problem becomes impossible for them, they receive a signal from their server and when they decode it the meaning is ‘Dekh le yaar’. That means do it anyhow, and then they start reverse engineering. There is a record in OST all problems became history, here they didn’t left any single one unsolved.



7. They can understand you well

They have lots of experience building stuff for clients. So they know what they want and what they don’t like. And also their works involve requirement analysis and planning. So they are totally understanding why you sometime behave all weird and will think and check their code twice before respond.



8. Maintenance, Support and documentation

This is a service they always enjoy. They have lots of experience on how to give maintenance and support. Also, they can write you user guide on how to handle them with all the flow charts, ER-Diagrams and graphical arts. So you can better understand them.



9. Jealousy of some words

You must be jealous of some name,like jQuery, PHP, Joomla etc. And you cannot do anything. Just because these are their first love. You have to go with it.



10. Committed

If you are not convinced by all these reasons, then now you definitely will. They are perfect boyfriend material they will be mature and sensible partner. They don’t have the highest paying jobs, but they love their jobs. They do projects from the bottom of their hearts; there is always an emotional touch between them and their projects. Also, they always work on tracker so you don’t have to worry about cheating. And once they are committed to you, no pretty girl can lure him away from you. He’s yours, he’s a keeper.


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