Your Google’s Search Results Will Always Be In Flux

April 3, 2014

Google’s Matt Cutts – Matt makes it clear, Google will never quit adjusting, changing the list items. The indexed lists will dependably be changing, the aftereffect of that change is “flux,” Matt said.

Google need to change on the grounds that the web is changing, searchers are changing, gadgets are changing and spammers are evolving.

Regardless of the possibility that the results are flawless today, Cutts said, in any case they have to deal with making them immaculate later on. Why? Since searchers will request an ever increasing amount.

So yes, Seos, you have to dependably be adjusting and changing also.

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  1. I had gone through your post and I found it very useful and informative. I am also applying seo on my website but I found for last two weeks ranking is hampering and search result are not fixed. Is there chance of coming new Google Update.

  2. Nice post thanks to you. Google is updating algorithm daily to stop spam. The motto is only one to show the best result in Google Search Result Page.

  3. Nothing informative in this post, please stop writing these kind of stupid post to misguide people. Stop this fucking nonsense. Fuck OFF

  4. Mr. Gaurav I think you don’t understand the importance of Google update and I think you don’t understand online marketing , So please keep your view up to yourself.

  5. I know all the things of online marketing Mr. Rahul and have idea about all the updates by Google and other search engines. So always write to describe the things in a manner so that people can easily understand it. you have write only few words here, no body can understand what you want them to understand.

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