Top 5 Steps Social Media Strategy That Can Boost Your Sales

Top 5 Steps Social Media Strategy That Can Boost Your Sales

Social media is developing and getting advance constantly. Almost every day there is an advancement in technology and you cannot even predict what’s gonna come next. Social media has an ability to turn a company into the brand within a night.

Initially, who knew about the famous companies like Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, Alibaba, Accenture, Deloitte, Oracle, Airtel, Cisco and much more? We cannot predict who might get so popular and prominent in the future. But, A Perfect Social Media plan or strategy can definitely help you to become popular and more business.

The major benefit of Social media platforms is that you can target the interested people directly by using features and techniques like Hash Tag, Company page (you can create a group), Number of likes and comments, Polling, Sharing live videos, infographics and so on.

Here are top 5 smart ideas for using social media to boost your online sales this season.

Let’s jump in:


1: Set Social Marketing Objectives

The very first step of any social media strategy is to get clear about your organizational objectives and goal that you hope to attain and then the next step is to research about the audience and ways to connect with the
m through the best social media platforms that suit your niche and objectives.

A key element for defining objectives for your social media plan is to figure out which tools you should use to measure your progress rate. Go beyond worthless metric, for example, re-tweets, Comments and likes for analyzing your progress, instead of that Concentrate on ways such as leads produced, web referrals, and the rate of conversion and the monthly profit scale.

Your organizational portfolio can make you climb the ladder to the moon. Try to create and display your success through social media promotions, blogs, press release, article and blog submissions. You should use attractive, realistic or infographic images to make it more interesting.


Be S.M.A.R.T. while making a strategy.

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Relevant
  • Time-bound


2: Audit your Social Media Platforms

Before making your Social media strategy, you have to survey your running social media profiles and if you don’t have any then get a basic idea of its use and working methods. If you already have one then you need to check out which type and category of the audience are connected with you and your competitors via social platforms. On basis of audience behavior, you can select the beneficial social media platforms.

This will create a clear vision of who is right now associated with you via social media, This audit should be done frequently (at least ones in a week).

A deep investigation should be made to analyze that which all social media accounts need to get an update and which all need to get deleted and if the audit discovers any fraud or fake account or activity then take a quick action for that. But do analyze how many genuine audiences have been targeted using your brand name and then try to target them your official genuine account.

On the basis of your set objectives and audit, select the best social media platforms.

Do question yourself before moving ahead to complete your Social media strategy that:

  • Is my targeted audience present here?
  • If yes, how they can connect with you?
  • What demographic factors are involved such as- Gender, Age, Parental status etc?


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3: Gather Feedback for Inspiration and Progress

Confused? Which sort of content and data will get you the most engagement? For a healthy inspiration, look to what others in your industry are sharing and use digital ways to perceive how you can be different from competitors and the prospects that you might have missed earlier.

Customers can offer social media motivation, through the content that they share as well as in the way that they write and express their messages. Observe how your competitors are posting their tweets, messages etc. and try to learn best ideas out of all. If you think it is beneficial then you can mimic their style as well (mimic their style, not their content)


4: Make a Plan and Calendar to Promote via. Content

Having incredible content to share can be a golden key to your success. Your social media strategy should contain the mentioned factors so that it becomes SEO friendly and thus, will help you to rank easily:


  • Posts should be related to your niche
  • Try to use Hash tags. (#)
  • Mention your website link in posts
  • Be sure to use Simple font style
  • Add attractive images to your posts


A social media marketing plan should also be perfect and capable enough to answer the following questions. Be particular about the posts- Try to post on fix interval of time and day.

  • Which sort of content do you post and promote via. social media platform?
  • Who is your targeted audience you are showing your content to?  (Language, age, and other demographic factors)
  • How frequently will you post content?
  • On which platform you will post (frequency)?
  • By what method will you promote the content?


A social media content schedule list helps you to pre-plan the dates and times to publish Facebook posts, Instagram posts, tweets, and other social media content. It’s the ideal place to design the majority of your social media activities—from pictures, link sharing, Videos, Memes to blog posts.


5: Evaluate Social Media Marketing Plan

To know what modifications should be made to your social media strategy, you should go for frequent testings. Incorporating frequent testing in your plan and involve these factors for better analyses. For instance, you could:


  • Track quantity of clicks your promoted links get on a specific social platform utilizing tools like – UTM parameters and URL shorteners.
  • You can contact OST social media analytics experts to track the achievement and outreach of social media campaigns.
  • Track page visits driven by social media marketing by using Google Analytics.


Analyze your flaws and success ratio and reasons, and after that update, your social media marketing strategy as the technology upgrades itself every day. As soon as a new technique emerge, you might like it and you should incorporate it in your plan to keep yourself parallel to the advance marketing. In starting you will definitely face the issues but you have to counter them to hug success and If you require any kind of help from Social media expert you can contact us

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