Businesses Are Growing Faster Than Excel: How Can We Fix (Automate) That?

Businesses are constantly outgrowing their old systems, but these companies do not realize how much money they are losing until they take stock of how they run their companies. Let’s say you ran your company purely off of Excel documents. It is possible that you spend quite a lot of time searching for information, scrolling through your documents, and entering information by-hand. You may need to update your systems, but you do not have the expertise to do it by yourself. We have a solution for you, and we can give you hard facts that explain why you need these services.

How Did Excel Become Such A Burden For Businesses?

We once met a client who had grown so quickly over their first year that all their original systems became obsolete. The managers were using spreadsheets every day, but the spreadsheets were no longer helpful. In fact, these managers could spend up to 100 hours at the end of the month entering all their data by-hand or cleaning up their spreadsheets. This is no way to run a business, and the lost time was extremely costly to the business.

When we were able to eliminate these spreadsheets with automation and integration, we saved the company 700 hours of work a month. Each of the seven managers were free to complete other tasks that they could not get to in the past. If you think of this in terms of basic salary figured, the company was spending up to $80,000 a month just on this backbreaking work. What if we could cut out all the extra work and reduce that cost to $20,000? The solution that is explained below allows you to manage your business in an efficient manner.

If you did not realize you were losing that much money, you need to make a change to the way you run your business. It is not acceptable for you to have a line-item on your ledger that seems to be a waste. We can help you recover that money and get your employees back on tasks that they need to be doing.

Which Systems Are You Using?

You may be using every system imaginable just to run your company. If you have deployed ADP, SalesForce, CRM, QuickBooks, and a myriad of other systems, these programs do not communicate with each other. You have collected a wealth of data for your company, but it cannot help you if you need to manually enter all your information from SalesForce into QuickBooks, check the calculations, and then add that information to ADP. It could take you a whole day just to handle payroll for a fraction of your staff.

We want you to know that all your systems can be automated, all your information can be transferred to the right place in seconds, and you can save tens of thousands of dollars a month. This is especially important if you are rapidly expanding but have no extra help. You cannot sit alone at your desk all day doing data entry when you should be managing the rest of your company.

You may have also delegated tasks to your employees, but they are drowning in the work that you have assigned. You must take all these tasks off their plates by using automation. We recommend that you do a full audit of all the things that seem to take too much time to complete. Plus, we want to help you build a list of things that could be automated. These might seem like simple tasks to you, but they can be done by a computer much faster in almost every case.

Streamline Your Operations

When we automate your business systems, you can streamline your operations. There are many special tasks that customized software can help you with. If you are sending financial information to your accounting program, we can create software that will log all your information properly.

Customized software also can help release ads for your business, post to social media, and send emails to clients. You may send emails reminders to customers with the click of a button, or our web applications can process information for customers who need it.

All the things you do that take too much time can be automated and completed in seconds. Every hour that your company wasted is regained, and you can assign your staff with new tasks that are more beneficial to the company. We want your company to thrive, and we want to reduce the stress you have felt trying to get all your work done.

Contact us at OpenSource Technologies to learn how we can revamp your business. We have a team here that is eager to work with you.

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