Why Choose AWS Cloud Services

Why Choose AWS Cloud  Services

Amazon Web Services :- IT infrastructure service and business provide by Amazon is known as Amazon web services which work on the model of IAAS (Infrastructure as a service) Cloud. AWS offers complete set of infrastructure and application services that enable you to run virtually everything in cloud.


AWS Global Presence in Below Category

Business Productivity

Artificial Intelligence


Application Services

Game Development

Desktop and App Streaming

Developer Tools

Management Tools


Mobile Services

Mobile Services


Security and Identity




Internet Of Things



Key Features of AWS :-

1. Highly Scalable :- Scalability is one of the most important aspects where you have to provision resources in advance. In AWS infrastructure can scale in or scale-out at any time as per the demand.

2. Security :- AWS provides highly secure infrastructure, we have fine-grained access control of all the services. There are multiple layers to secure the network i.e. VPC, SUBNET, NACL and Security group.

3. Disaster Recovery :- AWS provides SLA of 99.95% uptime and guaranteed availability of resources. The Application can be setup in multiple regions to avoid outage in a region or at any edge location.

4. Cost Effective :- AWS is not only for the large galvanizations, the startup’s or small organization can also leverage its services as you have only to pay for only the resources consumed with pay per hour facility.


WHY Choose AWS :-

1. Fastest Growing Cloud Computing Platform on the planet :- AWS cloud is the fastest growing cloud in the world, in 2006 it has only 82 services and now it’s 1000+.

2. Largest Public Cloud in the world :- Amazon covers the approx 90% public cloud in world , 5% cloud are used of Microsoft and rest 5% are from other cloud providers.

3. Free Tier :- AWS provides free sign up and we can use their services free for first year under the free tier usage.

4. API :- AWS provides Application programing interface for most of the services, it helps to automate tasks like launch multiple instances with single script , backup management etc.


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