Common Challenges in Software/Web Testing

Common Challenges in Software/Web Testing
December 20, 2013

Software & Web Application testing has emerged out to be the spine of the IT industry without which no organization can even think to survive in the market nowadays. If you a part of the testing team whether it is Manual or Automation, there must be several challenges that you have to face being a tester. Find below the few challenges that a Software tester has to go through or rather expected out of him.

  • Whenever there is any new project comes in, the very first thing comes to the management is to deliver it to the high standards. Indirectly, it is a call to the community of Testers to be proactive in the task going to allot to them. Whether it any phase of SDLC, it is expected out of a tester to clarify the doubts if any exist so that the same is not carry forwarded to any other phase which is indeed a very difficult task assuming it is a new and fresh application or project.
  • Testing each and every area of the application is impossible, so it becomes a challenge for a tester to priorities the area which requires the maximum attention.
  • Assuming there are no bugs left to discover for a tester, so it becomes a challenge for the tester to determine if the testing should be stopped now or there should be certain other areas which requires a further investigation.
  • With the start of testing, it is expected to discover maximum amount of bugs. It is indeed a challenge for the tester to be in in line with the expectations of the management or development team and report the maximum bugs in the initial phase so that the timely rectification can be done by the developers.
  • With new change requests or a change in already freeze requirements, it becomes quite a difficulty to incorporate or alter the test assets and this should be done accurately without affecting the execution schedule.
  • There are certain instances when the defects are taken personally or against the developers, hence making it difficult for a tester to explain the developer. At times, there can be some defects left uncaught in the unit testing intentionally just to verify the tester’s ability to find them. All these throw a challenge on the tester’s ability to find the hidden bugs.

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