Content Management: 5 Amazing Ways To Use WordPress

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The world of Internet is amazed to see the wonderful advantages WordPress has to offer. Nearly 90% of the websites are hosted on the platform and many more are in the pipeline. The interface offered by the content management tool is interactive and help thousands of businesses and independent bloggers every day in accomplishing their professional or personal ‘at-home’ tasks. However, it is important to know the smart use of this tool so that a lot of time can be saved and productivity can be boosted. WordPress, if not used in an effective way then chances are a user may fall prey to its elaborative ‘Menu’ options. Here are 5 WordPress Hacks for the user:

  1. Linking to Sources

Linking to correct and authentic sources within the tool’s article reservoir is a time-taking task and it becomes tedious if the post is of 1000+ word count. One will be surprised to know that WordPress can do the task and that too in very less time. Here are the easy steps to achieve the same:

  • Press “Ctrl+K” that will open up the Insert/Edit Link window
  • Right beneath the “URL” and “Title” boxes the user has look for a tab with “Or link to existing content” written on it
  • Clicking on this will result in a dialogue box that will indicate posts and pages in user’s domain
  • The user can search for keywords that will enable in-site linking opportunities.
    1. Post Types

This is a very useful tip for bloggers or a team that is writing and using the content management tool on a daily basis. The ‘Custom Post Types’ option can help a user to give a definition to a particular post by pre-setting its labels, supported features and availability, to name a few. Article types that include product review and long-form articles can all be defined and given a template tom save time down the road. Content types and formats can be pre-defined to let user re-invent the wheel when creating a new post.

  1. The Auto-Embeds

This is more or less similar to embedding media into a static plain article. A user can utilize the option to elevate the ‘rich’ factor of his/her article. With the usage of ‘auto-embeds’, a user can paste a URL that relates to a supported website into the post and can successfully give rise to video, image  or even the article in rich media.

Here are some of the popular websites that auto-embed:

  • CollegeHumor
  • Animoto
  • Photobucket
  • Scribd
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  1. The Essential ‘Comment Plugins’

These days Internet is playing its card safe due to a number of spams ready to attack one’s website and online presence in an unknown way. The killing is definitely brutal. For instance, “comment spam”, which can weaken a page’s value. To save the life and value of a webpage, ‘Comment Plugins’ came into light and the benefit can be very well explained by ‘Yoast’. An authentic comment can be assured and stuff like “Great Post” or “Like It” can be kept at bay. These comments project appreciation with a negative background. Not only this, the option also allows the website owners to redirect the first-time commenters to an acknowledgement page so that they can have a look at some additional comment for likes or comments. A smart move that yield results!

  1. Going the ‘Mobile’ Way

Google’s “Mobilegeddon” update has actually a given a good boost to the mobile-optimized content drafts.  Wordpress can help a user here. A user can now utilize the ‘WP Touch’ option, which is a plugin for making a blog or a website look good for mobile readers. The viewing can be made apt for a large base of mobile users easily and in less time. The user has to choose plugin once it satiates following parameters:

  • Navigation
  • Pagination
  • Design
  • Content

WordPress can be a useful tool to Create Custom Plug-In, if used smartly. The options are huge in numbers and the usage is extensive. The user has to play around and know the things in-depth. For now, these options can be utilized to their best.

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