Custom Software as a Tool for Covid-19 Compliance

With the current rise in Covid-19 cases not likely to stop any time soon, businesses have to adapt to the realities of the pandemic as they attempt to soldier on through the winter months. In many areas, businesses, particularly businesses which may be deemed to be high-risk to patrons, are starting to shut down. At least in the US, the only retail stores or offices which stand a chance of staying open and operational during the pandemic are ones which can demonstrate to local governments their ability to adhere to Covid-19 compliances. Naturally, any business deemed as a risk to spread cases of Coronavirus will be shut down. If you are a business affected by the pandemic, chances are your local economy still needs you and the services you provide. To remain a player during quarantines and lockdowns, your business needs to be able to adapt.

In order to address the increasing strictness of Covid restrictions, local businesses will need to respond quickly and creatively. Without tons of time or well-organized resources within both local and federal governments, these businesses may need to rely on their own ingenuity to prove to communities as well as local lawmakers that their businesses can safely operate within Covid compliance. Thankfully for these small businesses, options exist within custom software to help quickly check and record the Covid status of anyone who enters your premises. With the services of a custom mobile and web development company, you can conduct routine Covid checks for customers and employees at your place of work. Tools for covid-free business

Healthcare Software and Compliance

Compliance is a major concern for any business operating with the support of medical technology. If you create a CRM database for patient information and employee payroll, the parties involved need to know that your business is protecting their confidentiality. Thankfully, a custom web development team can take account many of these compliance restrictions in the process of developing a custom app for your business. Whether it be HIPAA, HR7 or any number of new Covid compliance protocols, a custom software or app can work in tandem with the needs of any business and the regulations of any area.

Many of the guidelines surrounding Covid involve social distancing and being accountable when entering closed spaces. Any business which doesn’t record the comings and goings of its employees and customers runs the risk of being useless if an infection breaks out. On the other hand, recording the information of anyone who enters your building as well as taking on-site temperature checks can help mitigate the risks of transmission and prove to local officials that your business can adapt to Covid compliance restrictions. And if you start to integrate a custom software to address pandemic restrictions sooner, you can adapt your contact-tracing and safety measures later if compliance regulations change.

A Centralized Database for Health Records

With the right guidelines, a custom software company can help you follow compliance measures in your local area. Using the tools of a custom software, your business can take tangible steps towards following common Covid guidelines. You can institute pre-check questionnaires to anyone entering your premises before they even step foot in the building. An app can screen anyone who may be a risk of transmission to your staff and deny them access to your location of work. If anyone tries to enter the building without checking in, your app can alert a manager on the premises immediately.

With IoT-equipped thermometers, you can take the temperatures of anyone who walks through your doors, and then automatically save their temperatures in a database. A custom CRM with enhanced security measures can come in handy in terms of Covid compliance as well as compliance with other common patient-protection apparatuses like HIPAA.

Finally, your custom app can keep track of anyone who has made contact with your staff or customers. By recording basic information such as phone numbers or email addresses, you can swiftly, efficiently contact all parties who might be exposed to the virus, should a worst-case scenario take place and an outbreak occur. Contact tracing becomes easier through the tools of a custom app, as anyone who has entered your premises is instantly reachable through the information stored in your database.

Using Software to Keep Businesses Safe During Covid-19

The pandemic has been and will continue to be hard on businesses and workers, regardless of location or background. But given the right planning and safety measures, businesses can continue to operate to provide the services, and quite frankly paychecks, that we all need in our day-to-day lives. With the help of a custom software consultant, you can take tangible steps towards continuing to provide your services to clients and workers, Covid free.

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