How Digital Marketing Is Different From Traditional Marketing?

How Digital Marketing Is Different From Traditional Marketing?

Every business wants to promote their brand, build preference and increase sales by building up a solid customer base. Everyone knows that most parts of the business rely on marketing that to accomplish development, advertising the business is key component that needs to be implemented. Advertising methods include traditional marketing which is taking place since businesses began advertising and in addition digital marketing which is the newer and more effective way to reach immense peoples.

What is Digital Marketing?

Traditional Marketing refers to the advertising that includes Printing, Broadcasts, Newspapers, Magazines, TV, etc. and being used by the organizations for years. Whereas Digital Marketing is the way that connects to the two ways of communications through the online channels like social media sites, mobile applications etc.

Key forms of Digital Marketing

Search engine optimization
Search engine marketing
Internet banner ads
Content marketing
Online video content
Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising
Email marketing
Social media marketing (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.)
Mobile marketing (SMS, MMS, etc.)

Why Digital Marketing?

The World is moving from analog to digital rapidly and nobody can deny it. People are consuming maximum time on mobile phones, laptops and desktops on a daily basis, so this a very effective way to approach them easily. Digital marketing sometimes Internet Marketing is not only a growing kind of current marketing, but also is set to be the future of marketing. Digital marketing is very affordable, more versatile and faster than traditional marketing and can potentially transmit the message to a wide range of audience for the fraction of the expense than any traditional marketing form like TV or Broadcast.

Benefits of Digital Marketing

You can easily track and monitor the result if conducting marketing digitally. It allows you to view the customer response rate quickly and measure the success rate or return of investment in real time. This will help you empower plan more effectively for the next time when you go to invest in advertising. You can attract new customers easily and build long lasting relationship by showing them positive comments and feedback on your website.


Now it could be fair to say that any company that does not yet recognized and adapt to the digital marketing is going to be at risk of losing out to the competitors.


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