Easystat Connect: The Solution to your Analytics Dilemma

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Managing your website’s data and tracking its analytics has always been a dicey subject; more often than not, many companies and individuals rely on external help to gather and adequately interpret their data for them. Google, in a bid to make things easier for companies and individuals, developed Google Analytics 4 (GA4), and the game has not remained the same ever since.

Google Analytics, without a doubt, has been the number one analytic go-to for webmasters, sales departments, and other relevant parts of a company. Still, with its advent, a new nuanced problem arose. It could be a bit technical, and its separation as a different platform from your website could pose a data integration and transfer problem.

A Problem Needs a Solution

After several months of iteration and experimentation, we have developed a plugin that solves both problems. Easystat Connect is a plugin that harnesses the full potential of Google Analytics 4 and brings it directly to your website with a single click. Easystat Connect takes your relevant data from Google Analytics and lets you access them from your website admin panel. As the bridge between your website and Google Analytics, Easystat Connect emerges as a game-changer, offering a streamlined and customized dashboard right from your website’s backend.

Easystat Connect plugin for GA4 was created to address the demand for a more accessible and customizable approach to website statistics. It easily changes how companies access and analyze data by connecting with Google Analytics. This plugin is more than simply a tool; it serves as a portal to an analytics dashboard that is user-friendly, flexible, and easy to comprehend.
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Features of Easystat Connect Plugin

Easystat Connect has some key features that help it achieve its purpose. They include:

Date search – A date search feature lets you view your analytics over a specific time frame.

Customizable dashboard – If you have priority data you want easier access to, Easystat Connect allows you to customize your dashboard to show or hide data sets.

Graphical Representation API – Easystat Connect graphical representation API gives consumers visual insights into their data patterns beyond numbers. Users may easily compare 7-day and 30-day statistics to understand performance.
Improved E-commerce Analytics – Gain access to more specific data for your e-commerce site, such as products viewed, added to cart, purchased, and revenue generated.

Flexible Access – Easystat provide flexible access. Easystat provide download and email feature.

An Intuitive Design – The interface of this plugin is easy on the eyes. You can see your relevant data at a glance. Data include total users, new users, bounce rate, and more.

Benefits of Using Easystat Connect

Without a doubt, Easystat has many benefits that make it a valuable resource for most companies, small or large. Here are some of these benefits.

 1. Customization at Your Fingertips

Every business has particular needs and, as a result, will demand different data sets from Google Analytics. Easystat allows you to edit your dashboard to fit your business’s unique needs. Whether tracking certain metrics or presenting data in a specific fashion, this plugin provides flexibility and applicability.

  2.   Easy Backend Access

In the past, accessing Google Analytics required using a different platform. Businesses may do away with this laborious procedure using Easystat. Accessing data from the website backend without logging into Google Analytics separately is possible with just one click, giving you access to all you need without stress.

 3. Seamless Data Management

Data administration is made simple by the user-friendly interface, pagination, and sorting. Users are better able to locate and evaluate the most critical information by quickly and easily navigating through large data lists.

  4. Time-Efficient Decision-Making

The easy access to your analytics from your backend saves time, but there is more. The graphical representation API also lets users identify patterns at a glance, saving time and speeding up decision-making processes. Whether you need a fast overview or a deep study, Easystat Connect makes it easy to extract useful information.

  5. Seamless Integration

Easystat Connect is relatively easy to integrate with your content management system, and once you start using it, you will realize how vital it is for your business. This seamless integration ensures analytics becomes a natural extension of your daily operations, enhancing efficiency and accessibility.

Who is this for?

Easystat Connect is useful for any business interested in making their analytics and other advertising data easier to access.

Our Final Thoughts

This is the ideal solution for you if you’ve been experiencing issues with Google Analytics or if you’ve been searching for a more straightforward way to access your data from your backend. This plugin creates a new benchmark for comprehending and utilizing website data by providing a smooth, free, and configurable experience. Easystat Connect is prepared to be a dependable partner for companies pursuing data-driven success, streamlining the intricate realm of analytics with a single click.

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