OpenSource Technologies Helps Creteng Build Custom Software Applications for Social media communication

Creteng: Fun Challenge App
A Fun Challenge App

Creteng, a local PA startup, sought to create software that would quickly and easily link friends and families while allowing them to organize fun and exciting challenges easily. OST collaborated with Creteng as a technical partner to create a social, community-oriented mobile app and website.

Who is Creteng?

Creteng: Fun Challenge App
Creteng-A Fun Challenge App

Creteng is a social media app focused on building communities and challenging users to take their social media experience to the next level. The original idea behind creating this app was to help people connect with other people of like minds and the same interests.

Creteng was also looking out for communities and wanted a social media platform where people could share images and videos and challenge themselves to fun activities. They designed the app so that a user could send challenges, and another would decide whether to receive them.

What Does OpenSource Technology Do?

OpenSource Technology (OST)  is dedicated to providing clients from various sectors and disciplines with cost-effective and innovative bespoke software. OST has collaborated with multiple firms, ranging from new ventures and younger enterprises to multinational conglomerates and corporations that have been in operation for decades, as well as all industries in between. OST creates mobile apps, websites, eCommerce platforms, and more for a variety of industries, including retail, high technology, manufacturing, and social service organizations, to mention a few, with a primary focus on open and fast communication and transparent work procedures.

What Did OpenSource Technologies Offer Creteng?

When Creteng went to OpenSource Technologies, they were looking for an app that would help users talk to each other. They wanted to make an app that didn’t put a few people ahead of everyone else. They needed help from experts to create a social media app that wasn’t like most social media apps and didn’t rely on an algorithm to show their posts to people. This wasn’t a simple drop-and-build app, so OpenSource Technologies had to do some research before starting to build it. In the end, Creteng and OST made an app that met both client and user needs. The app had some of the following features:

The Challenges features: This is a core feature that Creteng wanted. Creteng had observed how challenges increased engagements on social media and wanted an app where users had an automatic challenge option. This way, they could have fun and get their friends in on the fun too. These challenges could be anything, from dancing in a video to taking an upside-down picture, as long as there is fun to be had.


Post Options: The way OST built the Creteng app, you can post your videos and photos either as public or private. This option could be enabled if your goal is to keep your videos and pictures away from the public. You could also keep your videos public, allow everyone using the app to see them and get in on a challenge you are placing out there.


No algorithms: The Creteng app was designed so that algorithms do not affect the reach of your pictures or videos. Your photos and videos would be accessible to every user on the app. This feature ensures that everyone gets the same amount of exposure. This makes it easy for someone to get the most exposure when they post quality content.

How OST Made the Next Steps with Creteng

OpenSource Technologies (OST) generated prototypes and wireframes after Creteng and OST laid the groundwork for the Creteng app, maintaining frequent communication with the Creteng founders.


OST also had to get creative, especially in meeting the expectations of Creteng, developing an intuitive site and attractive UI for both the mobile app and the desktop version.


Creteng and OpenSource Technologies are Developing Software with a Purpose

Behind the Creteng app are two dedicated teams working to ensure that value is delivered. Delivering a quality product and ensuring users can have fun while communicating with friends. Creteng goes beyond just a social media platform. It is a platform that encourages equality at its core.

Creteng stands at the forefront of a community-based social media communication vision for post-pandemic relationships, thanks to its cutting-edge mobile app and design-oriented website.

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