Google’s Matt Cutts response to a webmaster On Penguin via Twitter


Google’s Matt Cutts response to a webmaster on website analysis that website has penalized by Penguin or not. The Google Penguin algorithm has been pointed SEOs for a long time now, but is all webmasters known these are different degrees of Penguin? If not they should know, and it affects website time to time according to website link quality, there were times when webmasters uses text links and get a website ranking better on the basis of these contextual links , but now that time has gone.

It is not matter that you are beat by the Penguin algorithm or not. You can hit harder or softer all these depends on your link. Google’s spam head Matt Cutts, suggested to a webmaster that he has a “very mild case of Penguin.” It all means that the webmaster should not wait for any update; they should just work ethically rather than focus on short term result and wait for the update.



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