An Increased Demand for Mobile Apps During the Pandemic

Due to the damaging influence of the pandemic, you may have rightly assumed that along with the economy, many tech industries have also suffered. Across the board, companies are suffering losses in revenue and manpower, as employees of all skill levels adapt to working remotely. Certainly, now is not the easiest time for a business to get itself off the ground and running. However, not all sectors of the tech industry are failing. In particular, the market space for new mobile apps continues to grow.

Mobile Apps in the Pandemic By The Numbers

Experts in smartphone and mobile app usage data predict that by the end of 2020, there will be over 7 billion active smartphone users across the globe. Staying mostly at home or indoors, average smartphone users will increase the time they spend on their phones; with newer and smarter mobile apps, they can perform more of their daily tasks by clicking a button.

Over the next few years, these experts also predict that revenue generated by mobile app purchases will increase by 92% by 2022 for a projected total of $157 billion purchases. Within this financial model is space for new apps to come in and claim a market share of their particular industry. The beauty of mobile app speculation is that any type of business could fill this need for mobile apps – dog-walking businesses, custom face-mask boutiques, or even infectious disease modelers.

Industries with Greater Demand for Mobile Application Services

Gen-Z and teens are a rapidly increasing portion of the market share for online purchases, with one study suggesting 3 out of 4 teens in the United States use their mobile phones to make online purchases regularly. As time continues, the purchasing power of Gen-Z will only increase.

Following the emerging trends in demographics, businesses which cater directly to younger audiences have tangible reason to believe in their own growth. If you are a business in content creation, particularly in the Vlogging, YouTube Beauty, mobile gaming, video-sharing and other sectors, you stand to make significant profits by moving to mobile, where the majority of Gen-Z consumers can access your product.

Even if you are not in a particularly ‘hot’ or trendy industry, you could still make substantial profits by expanding to a mobile app. Let’s say you love dogs and don’t have a day job. You could easily set up a mobile app to organize dog-walking orders. On top of helping set up appointments for dog-walking, you could add dimension to your business with different custom app features. For example, you could add a data input for feeding or walking instructions, or a map containing your preferred walking route.

Why You Might Want to Start a Mobile App Now

The pandemic has led to record unemployment, as well as a massive wave of discouragement for many businesses. Instead of taking these setbacks lying down, many skilled workers and small business owners now have the option of putting their business online and on mobile, where anyone anywhere can access their services. Just because the pandemic has slowed down the normal market for jobs, that doesn’t mean skilled or unskilled services are unneeded. In fact, we have more demand for construction work, childcare or pet-care, for example, now more than ever.

No matter what it is you are skilled at, the economy still needs you, even if the traditional spate of jobs is starting to look thin. By offering your services on a mobile app, you can market your skills and availability to local employers as well as anyone who may need your help. In a way, the mobile app market is becoming its own economy and marketing service during the pandemic – allowing workers to advertise and perform their services to a wide, captive audience of smartphone users. If you have a small business or an idea to add value to your local economy,  a mobile app development company can help you create an app to execute your business goals through consumers’ smartphones.


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