JEDchecker For Checking New Joomla Extensions.

I want to share my experience for submitting  extensions to the JED.

I use JEDchecker  for checking new extensions.This is a wonderful tool,it improves the JED listing process and It save a lot of time for me.

We can check components, modules or plugins for possible problems that increase listing approval time.
It gives all main errors simply like:

– Missing index.html files
– Defined (‘_JEXEC’) or die statements in all PHP files
– Proper license tag in installation .xml files
– Displays information about each extension xml file such as ext. name, version, creation date
– Reports the use of error_reporting(0)

So we can fix those  errors before submitting our extension to JED, that help to speed up the approval process.

I hope this will help you.

Thank you.


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