Joomla Extension and WordPress Plugins Have Changed the Game of Internet

Joomla Extension and WordPress Plugins Have Changed the Game of Internet

Internet has simplified lives for better; today people from the remotest corners of the world are enjoying access to the important archives of knowledge. Internet has made it easier for people to acquire the requisite knowledge and develop an intellect. On the other hand Internet has also simplified the way people do business. Internet is the new marketplace and hundreds of enterprises are making the most of it.

If you are one of those entrepreneurs or bloggers who wants to win the world either by his products and services then you will have to start by developing a website that has an amazing user interface and a picturesque user experience. There are hundreds of platforms available on Internet that makes it easier for you to develop a site and a blog.

Joomla and WordPress have simplified the process of web development. Today developers find it easier to develop a complex site with better CMS. E-commerce businesses simply cannot flourish on Internet without maintaining a stronger website. Joomla is one open source content management system like WordPress that provides great opportunities and experience. Using Joomla extensions for making sites more functional and faster are a common procedure in the contemporary world. Some of the common and mostly used Joomla extensions are:

  • Customize Price Filter: it is one of the most important extensions from the user point of view. Every online shopper looks for price filter on the site so that he/she can customize the results according to his or her budget.
  • Top Rated: This one extension helps you identify the top rated articles/products/pages on varied websites.
  • Recently Hit articles: with the help of this one extension you can identify the articles that have got hits in the recent past.

Joomla is a great option but there are loads of competitions in the market, WordPress is just another open source content management system that is giving Joomla a run for its money. You can also add a lot of wordpress plugins and make your site or blog better, attractive and faster.

Some of the most popular wordpress plugins are:

  • Yoast SEO: this one plugin takes care of all your SEO need. You need not to use any other SEO tool, if you are using Yoast SEO. It will optimize your content and provide you with suggestions regarding how to improve the content and the On Site SEO.
  • Akismet: This WordPress plugin puts all the spam comment away from your blog. It makes it easier for you to moderate the comments; you can identify the spams with great ease.
  • Author: This plugin allows the author to introduce himself at the end of every blogpost. You can also add your picture and acquire some fame via your blogs.

Opencart extensions have changed the way Internet functions. Availability of efficient tools and plugins has made it easier for the world to acquire better reports and improve their content accordingly.

Opencart extensions are available for free on Internet and changes can be made it them for better functionalities and efficiencies.

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