How Jreviews Can Help You to Develop Website Better Than Yelp.Com

How Jreviews Can Help You to Develop Website Better Than Yelp.Com

Are you thinking how are you going to develop a review rating and directory listing website which will be even better than If yes, then get ready to lose all you worries and tension with the help of JReviews. Now, you must be thinking how JReviews can make a website better than This is because; with the help of JReviews you have the option to create your website even if you are short on budget and time.

JReviews in very simple words can be explained as an extension of the very popular CMS known as Joomla. Out of the many facilities that you will receive if you opt for JReviews, the benefit of creating your very own directory listing website is also there.

Other benefits that you are bound to get with JReviews will be; advantage of different tools of administration helpful in the management of a website, editor reviews and also themes for the purpose of styling of the layout.

Besides these, there are many different features of JReviews, and they are as follows:

  1. Advantages of paid and free listing along with multiple category listing
  2. CSV import that will only be able to import standard Joomla article and also custom fields related to JReviews.
  3. Functionality of user review
  4. Advantage of FB App Factory with which allows a website owner, like you, to reach a much greater audience with one of the largest social media site, that is, Facebook.
  5. Benefit of Street View, Google Maps and also directions to your website via Geo Maps
  6. Extension and also integration of community builder, new payment gateway JomSocial and also easy social integration.

Besides all these above-mentioned ones, other features of JReviews includes; Multiple Languages, CCK functionality, Widget Factory, Search and Advance search and WordPress plug-in.

OpenSource Technologies is an expert of JReviews customization and integration and so, come to us and get the proper help to set up your dream directory listing website.

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