List JReviews listing into multiple categories

List JReviews listing into multiple categories
September 17, 2014

Recently we worked on a JReview project and client have requirement of ‘List Jreviews listing into multiple categories’. As we all know the biggest limitations of Joomla’s category system is that it doesn’t allow you to add a single article/listing to more than one category. So this can’t be achieve by jReviews default features. So in order to achieve this we override jReview’s template files of front-end and backend. We introduced the concept of Main category and additional categories. All the custom fields are from the main category, user can edit it by there main category, but it will show on all the additional categories.

Further, we are planing how we can decouple it from override and make it as installable Joomla extension. Also for future extend we are planing to make listing editable form all the categories, with union of all the custom fields from all the selected categories.

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