Why Mobile App Is A Must-Have For Real Estate Agency Or Finder?

RealEstate App

Real Estate Mobile App Development

The growth of the mobile industry has been phenomenal. Smartphones are everywhere and everyone has embraced the use of them. The development of mobile apps as marketing tools is one of the most successful areas in the mobile industry because with app usage almost everyone can be reached.

Today more than one-sixth of people are using a mobile real estate app to rent, buy, and sell the property. It’s no surprise that property searching on mobile apps has escalated by 130%.

Top Industry Players and Market Share (USA)


How Can A Mobile Real Estate App Enhance Your Business?

RealEstate AppThe technology available for buying and selling real estate is getting better every day. This is because many people spend most of their time on their smartphones and tablets. As a result, this has created the perfect opportunity for real estate companies to market their services via mobile applications.

For instance, most property searches are carried out online and one-fifth of real estate searches are carried out on smartphones and mobile devices.

If you are involved in the real estate business, you can benefit from the Real Estate finder and Broker mobile application.

Benefits of having a Real Estate Mobile App

Top Features of Real Estate Finder Mobile Application:


Real Estate (Property) Finder is a mobile app where a user can find commercial and non-commercial properties added by brokers or agents.  They can filter properties according to their requirements and can contact brokers or agents by phone or they can send an inquiry to schedule a meeting.

  • User login and registration
  • Search property via zip code or address
  • Property listing with filter and sort
  • Property list on map view
  • Property detail page
  • Submit inquiry/message to broker or agent
  • Contact and schedule a meeting with a broker or agent
  • Google Maps view for location
  • Property detail and call to action (on map view)
  • Add to favorites list
  • Create, view, and edit profile
  • Push notifications


Real Estate Agent/ Broker Application Features:-


Property Broker App

This is a property app for brokers or agents where they can add and edit property details for clients. It is an IONIC 3 Property template and includes the following screens:


  • User Login & Registration
  • Edit and view profile
  • Add, edit and delete property
  • Add property video, photos, 3-Dmap
  • Property listing with filter (Published, Unpublished)
  • Map view (Listing Property on map)
  • Multi-level property add/edit screen (Media, Description, Summary)
  • Property detail
  • Filter & Sort property based on various parameters
  • My appointments to check appointment detail
  • Contact to buyer
  • Social Sharing of property
  • Report



  • Voice message
  • Integration with CRM
  • Lead management
  • Advance reporting
  • Heat map
  • Mortgage  & interest rate calculation


OST Real estate app developer understands your business needs and initiate the app development accordingly. We ensure that your requirements are properly communicated and understood by the team of app developers, UX designer, and other technicians.

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