Mobile Apps Testing and its Fundamentals

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As everyone know that mobile technology is increasing day by day. Number of mobile devices are flooded in marketing that are been used for accessing the web. As Mobile technology continues to accelerate, application testers will struggle to keep pace without a shift in thinking when it comes to mobile quality, performance and development. Creating effective apps for an increasingly competitive market depends on rigorous testing to minimize errors and failures. However, this is not as straightforward as it sounds as apps today may need to run smoothly across as many different device platforms

The challenges for testers in the new world of the mobile device app are daunting. The products need to work smoothly across many existing device platforms while trying to predict the requirements of handsets currently in development – a sizable challenge for any organization.

Developers and testers are often sitting in silos and are both at times culpable for skipping the testing either at the development or during the lifecycle of apps.  It is important to ensure apps continually perform from the moment they go live.

Here are some basic fundamentals that we follow at OpenSource Technologies in order to effectively perform Mobile Apps & web testing services to our clients.


Basic fundamentals for Apps Testing:


Reusability: Mobile app development is a moving environment. The apps should be developed in reusable environment so that changes can be made easily.


Maintainability: Mobile testing scripts need to be easily modified and portable across platforms to avoid rework which results in delays and added costs.


Real world mobile use: While what we perceive as the ‘real world’ will change, mobile apps should be tested in the same way that the audience will use them.


Multiple devices: The testing should support on multiple iterations of the mainstream mobile development platforms.  Accuracy should be maintained on different-different device.

Identify the correct testing subset: It is unrealistic to test your app on every known released device and mobile OS platform so identify your key players – and recalibrate it as required.

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