What you need to know about Template customization?

What you need to know about Template customization?

To put it in a simple manner, templates can be explained as tools that are very important to launch a web store an easy task. With advancement of internet and online activities, web stores, web pages and websites are gaining importance and thus to fulfil the need of a quick method readymade templates were introduced for website owners, to offer them power to choose and also customize templates according to need and preference.

Logo, Pictures and Colour:
Templates customization involves the chance to change the logo, colour and pictures. As logos are important to indentify an organization, if changes are made in the logo then it should be immediately changed or modified to the new logo. Customization offers this opportunity. On the other hand, the importance of pictures, the right images and colours also cannot be avoided in the world of web. So, the need for frequent changing of images keeps on growing. To meet up with this demand, customization process has gained popularity. This offers the ease to alter the designs.
Other important elements
Besides these, other important elements which need easy access to customizations are content or script, design and also the theme.
With right templates which can be customizes one can easily can get the help and be advance. Here, it is also important to mention that templates need to be responsive too.
How to customize a template?
When you design your company website from the professionals, there can be situations where you may not like each and every aspect of them and would want to change them as per your needs. Customizing a template is very easy that you can do all by yourself. From characters, to typography and definition, you will have to choose the image or document and paste it on the space provided for pasting the code. With the template code, you will then require to upload the HTML file and the zip file. The edit design code will lead towards altering and customizing the designs and codes.
Keeping these factors in mind, we have built our template customization option for each section, where our client wants us to. We provide the best service so that a person can get the best service and help from us. We dedicate ourselves in working hard so that all the requests of a client are fulfilled and the client in question gets the right kind of customer satisfaction.
But we also know that a client would want to improve or customize a particular section by himself. So, we have thought long and hard how to provide the best help in this situation and at the end we came up with the perfect idea. Our video tutorials are built to make sure that there is no difficulty for you to understand about proceeding with the steps. Our services are aimed towards ease and simplicity of offering the choice to our clients to make changes to their templates and designs according to the necessities.
We have customized number of Rocket theme, theme forest, you theme template as per client need. some of our recent work are below:

Client requirement
I want to create an image header on each page that also allows the output text (i.e. About US) to show on top. I still want to see the gold CSS styling on each side of the image. See my sample attached.
Show me where to edit the scrolling code. I may need to change the background color of the sections on the home page and about us page. Please show me how.
When images animate, they appear to be called through classes. Please show me how I can create a new class (or edit an existing one) to create/change the animation graphic, speed and transition. I want to be able to create any animation to appear as the user scrolls down.

Client requirement

I would like to have the main top background image in the spectral template replaced with a slideshow/showcase layout mode. It should basically look/work like the background in the older “Cerulean” template.

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