How The New Responsive Gantry 5 Framework Is Crucial For Advanced Version Of Joomla And WordPress?

Gantry 5 becomes the favorite free web design framework for Joomla developers to render a Rock quality designed website. The customized Gantry 5 theme helps Joomla developers manage & provide a best quality Web application service. Originally developed by Rocket theme, Gantry 5 facilitates a solid platform for the efficient, successful & time-saving development of an excellent web application or website or web portal solution.

Gantry 5 has more compatibility advantages with advanced versions of Joomla, Wordpress and Grav than Gantry 4 version. With the development of Gantry 5, the modern framework, the compatibility issue has completely wiped out.

 Important Features of Gantry 5

The performance of Gantry 5 has been greatly optimized on the both front end and backend and no transaction with the database during Admin side work.

  • All versions of Gantry have common framework system for all types of CMS and only some little bit difference during working with Joomla 3.4++ or WordPress 4.2.2++or Magento or Grav 1.1++ or PHP5.4+

  • Gantry 5 comes with Intuitive YAML-driven Configuration and the implementation of Twig to design the powerful, dynamic themes quickly in an easier way.

  • The administrative interface (backend) & user interface (frontend) has been completely reconstructed from the base up to fulfill the needs of beginner type or expert Gantry 5 developer.

  • Gantry 5 has justified as the most powerful & editable version of the framework yet, containing drag-and-drop control aspect, user-friendly layout manager, excellent menu editor, CSS supporting component.

  • Gantry 5’s new Particles system enables the easier way to configure, create, and manage content blocks. Creating new particles at a glance and simple editing settings at different levels from global down to the individual block, and more, enhances its popularity.

  • Atom, a Gantry containing module, used for non-visible codes such as an Analytics code and small blocks of Javascript / CSS code.

  • Gantry 5 is developed under an MIT / GPL2 license and works for modern infrastructure Joomla 3.4+, PHP 5.4+, IE10+, etc. and makes every little action easier than before.

Excellent Joomla And WordPress Development Through Gantry 5 Framework

Initially, the Joomla or Wordpress or Grav developers have to perform huge volume of coding works to get finished the assignments and ultimately it takes too much long time to get finished the assignment. But, with the help of advanced components, the coding burden will be reduced to a lot and hence relaxed the developers to provide result oriented output at the earliest possible.

Responsive Layout System

Gantry 5 plays an excellent role in the development of Responsive Layout based website, in order to yield more visitors and Google and other search engine ranking. According to the costing of the responsive website, the work burden of Joomla or PHPBB based website development will be reduced a lot.

All the CSS related actions are bit relaxed here due to helping components for easier change of design of layouts. Open Source Technologies, has several Gantry 5 Experts to render such tremendous website development service by using Gantry 5 framework.


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