Predictions: Top Website Design Trends for 2013


As a developer, you need to continue exploring your knowledge to find latest trends in market. To know how rapidly changes are taking place, you can compare a new website with the one launched around 5 years ago. Trend changes to make the things more impressive and convenient. Hereinafter you may find some predictions made by our Web strategists for upcoming year….


Responsive Web Design:

You can say it’s not just prediction. Responsive web design is going to rule in 2013. Hype of mobile, iPhone and ipad devices will make designers to produce responsive design to make a website easily accessible over different devices.


Focus on Branding:

Businesses are focusing on making their brand noticeable. Designers are going to focus on choosing the design that will compliment the brand itself or enhance the beauty of the logo.


Vertical Scrolling

This trend born from mobile device usage is vertical scrolling. Horizontal scrolling can be a bit intimidating on some mobile devices. This is why designers might have major concern over vertical scrolling in websites in future.


End of Flash:

Since HTML5 has launched, flashes are on the way out. This is because HTML5 is a capping technology in itself for creating dynamic layouts effectively without any bugs.


Social Media Integration:

Social media is already integrated with websites as everyone wants to promote their websites and social media is incredible platform to reach to the people in easy way. In 2013 it might be more powerful and much needed component for websites.


SEO Friendly Design:

Optimized images, DIY layout, low page load time all these considerations will be incorporated by designers while coding a website. It will help SEO professionals as well.


Clear Call to Action:

Even in 2012 most of the businesses followed the rule of clear call to action. This trend will continue in 2013 more effectively. Large buttons will be used more on a web page.

Excluding these there are few more things that can make impact are parallax scrolling, designed typography etc.

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