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Developing a software doesn’t always come easily for a small, growing business, or one which has relied on its savvy and time-tested performance to survive in a field of competitors. Even great businesses can have a learning curve when it comes to transitioning into a digital-dominant marketplace. But a reliable business partner, a consultant who can both advise on web and mobile app strategies and oversee the creation of custom software, can assist that transition. You and your business could use technical tools to your advantage, for example, in automating basic functions of your business. OpenSource Technologies (OST) offers adaptable custom software solutions to clients of all industries, with offices in New York City, NY.

What Can Software Development Do For You?

Our software development team can complete a website or app from any stage of development, including for businesses with limited technical backgrounds. But more than just building an app, we can develop software which automates business processes, adding tractable value to a company by saving manpower and reducing manual error. For example, if your company follows traffic in the five boroughs, we can design software that can tap into motion camera sensors, automatically generating a graph of movement and velocity. When traffic is getting bad and a user is in danger of being late to work, we can send alerts on weekday mornings.

Our team adapts to the needs and ideas of your business. Given a concept for a function, we can provide a software solution. And if your business deals in E-Commerce, we can optimize user shopping experience while projecting earnings and performance in real time. As in-person revenue has started to become unreliable, migrating to online markets and Cloud technologies can aid the performance and security of any business.


We can build custom app solutions for your company to provide services to your clients, as well as offer local information in-app to help your customers shop at your New York location. Information such as nearest subway and bus routes can be the difference between a New Yorker visiting or skipping your store. Plus, we want to provide a software which can quickly provide informational responses to customer’s requests. The app could be an extension of the functions on your site, or the app could have extra features that your site does not offer. Customers who only have a website may lose business because customers expect to find businesses on mobile apps in the smartphone economy.

Give Your Technology A Local Touch

We are a full-service company that will do everything from building a website to building an app. Plus, we can create specialized software just for your company, with an added background in content creation. Because of this, we have the power to add a local touch to your software and digital marketing. You are likely relying on local business in the bustling New York area, and we want you to project the confidence of a native New York company.

We Are Here

We can meet with you in our office in lower Manhattan, and you can meet members of our team who live in the area. We have offices around the world which can provide you all the various services you may need. You can come in for a meeting if you have questions about your app, questions about how the team works, or to meet with a specific team member about any digital content and marketing inquiries.
The local touch that our team strives to provide can make a difference in the US market, and we strive to help you reach clients from Tribeca to the rivers of Delaware with on-the-ground offices.

How Can You Get Started?

We can get you started right now when you contact us with inquiries. Feel free to schedule a meeting, and ask to speak to local team members if you have locally related questions. As a software development company in New York, we provide timely service and listen to your input on all the work that we do. When we have built your app, website, or custom software, you will see added value in your income streams and web hits.

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OpenSource Technologies is also listed as a top software development company on DesignRush. If you are curious to learn more, check out the information on our About Us page or fill our Contact-us form.

If you are a local programmer or developer in NY, consider applying to join our team. A great place to start is by checking out our current online listings on the websites of some of our hiring partners or apply via our Career page.

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