The Power of Adaptive Content: Beyond Responsive Design


Forget responsive web design. The key to success at multi-platform publishing is “adaptive content”. In the case of screen sizes, responsive design has been the solutions, but the new kid on the block as far as responding to user behavior is concerned “adaptive content”.

What is Adaptive Content?

The terms “adaptive content” and “adaptive websites” do refer to a website that can be programmed to adjust its structure, content and even its navigation based on user behavior patterns.

Adaptive content is not the same as Responsive Design but it is a necessary component or we can say that it is like starting point for creating a successful Responsive Design


Why is Adaptive Content Important?

  •  Content is King! It’s all about how you communicate all of the great work you do.
  • Your target audiences access your website content from a variety of devices and contexts. It is important for you to offer them smooth visit with pleasant experience.


Where do we start?

If you are thrilled with power of adaptive content and want to get started, you can simply do this by following these steps:

  • Content Strategy: You need to Create Content Once, and adaptive content empower you to Publish Everywhere
  • Select a CMS (Content Management System) that allows you to set custom content types and fields.
  • Identify a Content Strategist who knows your content and platform you have used and has ability to develop a future-proofed structure for your content.

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