You’re a Veteran and in College? You Need the ScholarVets App

ScholarVets Network App

Why do you need the ScholarVets Network App?

If you are a veteran who is in college or just graduated, it might be difficult for you to find other veterans who know your situation. First of all, veterans hire other veterans all the time. Plus, veterans know what it is like to go through school, deal with the stress of returning to civilian life, and what it is like to adapt to college after spending even just a few years in the military. ScholarVets brings together all the people that can make the rest of your life a success.

ScholarVets App                

ScholarVets Mission is to support Veterans and Military families before, during, and after college.


What’s The Point?

ScholarVets is a place where any veteran who has any experience in college can download the app and sign up at any time. The purpose of the app is to create communities around different schools. You might feel like you are the only veteran going to (for example) the University of Georgia. However, that could not be further from the truth. Veterans are difficult to spot if they are not in uniform, and you might pass them every day when you are walking to class.

However, your life would be so much easier if you could connect with these people right away. This is why you should download the ScholarVets app. It helps you find friends and community when you feel like you are the only person with your experience, feelings, and ideas.

What Does It Do? ScholarVets app Functionality


The ScholarVets app allows you to do a few things very quickly:

  • You download the app.
  • You will enter your personal information.
  • You can choose the school that you are attending
  • View the directory of all members at your school
  • Add friends
  • Send messages to your friends through the app
  • You can reach out to anyone at any time. This is especially helpful if you would like to reach out to an administrator or professor who also happens to be a veteran.

Well, What Else Can It Do?

ScholarVets enlighten college students who might feel like they are out of place. Did you know that:

There are 1.7 million veterans in college

43% of those students are first-generation students

25% of those students have a disability of some kind

65% are over 25

49% have a child

100% have a job

47% graduate

ScholarVets can make the college experience easier for everyone involved. 

Are You Making Strides Towards Success in School?

Yes! You are making strides towards success because you finally have a group of people around you who can help. That guy you met through ScholarVets might be a music major, but he knows what it is like to be stressed out in college even though you survived basic training. You can stay accountable because you are getting to know other student veterans, and you can even connect with professors and administrators who are veterans. Imagine how much easier college will be if you do not feel out of place.

Let’s talk about your Future now!

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