How Does Voice Search Improve Your Company’s Digital Marketing?

Voice search is one of the most important advancements in the digital marketing and SEO field. You want to ensure that all the people who are using voice search can find you, and there are a few steps below that explain how voice search changes the way that you approach your digital marketing. You might not have even thought of voice search until you saw the title of this article, and it is important that you start shifting your thinking when you are hoping to get noticed through voice search.

How Many People Use Voice Search?

You might have this image of people holding their phone up to their face to talk into it and use something like Siri or Alexa to get answers. This used to be the case because the home speaker market was not that big. However, the home speaker market is growing so quickly that you need to consider voice searching more than ever before. The home speaker market now spans over 25% of the adult population in America. That amounts to over 66 million speakers, and that means that you need to honestly start thinking about how voice search will
change your fortunes.

What Are People Using?

Google Home and Amazon Alexa are very popular, but Amazon has the majority of the market-share because they have been pushing their speakers for the last few years.

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The speakers that people buy can be set up in an office, in the house, or in a store if you run an office where you have a waiting room, the speaker is in the waiting room. The same is true if you have a business that needs mood music. The people who buy these speakers for the house will use them to play music, and they will ask the speaker questions any time they need information.

You must also consider that people are asking very specific questions with very basic words. This means that you need to account for how people talk to their home speakers. Think about it before you write a word.

How Do People Speak To Their Home Speaker?

The home speaker is not going to pick up on the long phrases that you say. Everyone has tried to use some sort of voice recognition system to get a result, and you have likely heard the voice recognition system tell you something that is not even close to what you said. This means that you must use the simplest language possible. Instead of “the best vegan recipes for your new blender,” you need to say something like, “good vegan shake recipes.” You are paring down the words so that you have no trouble with the results that the home speaker offers.

Use Local Information

You should be proud of the place that you serve, and you need to use a place name or two that will help your articles and content come up in results. For example, if you were to write “the Lansdale area” in your article, the other words in your article that suit a search will be paired with Lansdale when the home speaker gives you a result. You do not need to use a million town or city names in your area, but you do need a city or town name that will help you appear in all the local SEO searches.

What Do People Do With Voice Searches?

The list of things that people do with voice searches is pretty expansive. You might not have thought of all these things, but they all apply when you are trying to make sure you can be found through voice search. You want to get into all the searches that are listed here, and you need to consider how people find you most. Compare what your business does with the things people search for with voice search.

People ask questions:

  • listen music
  • set an alarm
  • set a timer
  • Use Alexa or Google Home to perform an action,
  • play games, control sport home devices, 
  • listen to sports, 
  • search for products,
  • call someone
  • find a recipe
  • listen to a podcast
  • check traffic
  • access a calendar
  • send a text
  • make a purchase.
  • Book Taxi and many more..

All these things play into how you are going to approach your voice search plans. You can begin to use voice search just to capture search results with a local city or town and some keywords. You can use related keywords that will fit into the search, but you may also want people to find your recipes, podcast, events, or radio station. You might want people to find your playlist on Spotify, or you could use descriptions of your products in searches so that these customers can buy your products through the voice search.

Do You Use A Voice-Activated Device?

This may sound silly for some of you, but it is important that you are using voice recognition so that you can think about which words will work. Of course, you cannot account for every word that the speaker will not pick up on. However, you can figure out how to write in a simpler manner. You are not giving up all your style and technical jargon, but you are using easier words when you can.

In Conclusion

Voice search is a beautiful new way for you to use technology. You will be happy with these home speakers because they can help you get a lot of things done very quickly. The best part of this is that you can be found through voice searches just as much as you are in web searches. Yes, you can use some technical words so that people will find you in their searches, but you can cut back on some complicated language that you might not need. 

Voice search is all part of what we do at OST, and we are here to help you generate even more traffic for your website,social media pages, and web store. Plus, we will continue to use local SEO to help with voice searches.

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