Why Can’t Marketing be more about love?

Why Can’t Marketing be more about love?

Want to win the battle of online marketing? It’s easy. No, we are not kidding, seriously it’s easy. What all you need to do is just to be simple. But that’s really like cracking nuts. Actually we have been addicted to traditional SEO & paid marketing methods that rarely works in today’s scenario. Things are changed completely now, yet people are following the old trends. Today internet marketing success is all about love and relationship with customers. Here are few suggestions how we can attain that:

For Business Owners:

  • Cost of Acquisition – Save on Marketing, Invest on Innovation
  • Customer Loyalty – Will Paid Love Stay by Your side?
  • Branding May Be More valuable than links & traffic
  • Being Transparent with success works but failure works even better



  • Ranking #1 isn’t all it’s crack up to be
  • Make others look good they will rank you well
  • Google has a spooky noise for quality
  • Believe in link earning rather link building


Social Media:

  • What, when and how frequently we share matters a ton
  • Sharing format and phrasing is huge
  • Only sharing your own content is a recipe for disaster



  • Your community is bigger than your site
  • The first interaction is often the last, unless…..Like, Follow, Share activities
  • “Time is Money” that’s true but another truth that belongs is that “Relationship is Money”


Conversion Rate Optimization:

  • Empathy + Creativity = Great Content
  • Include only the good stuff, Not the Kitchen sink
  • More and more testing for good conversion is nothing more than just a myth


Truths about Love:

  •  It Lasts
  •  It can’t be bought
  •  You gotta earn it
  •  You can do it

Verdict that comes out is being simple, real and lovable are the virtues that can help you in getting online success. So, never give up and wish you the best.

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