How to Make an App?

Clients come to OpenSource Technologies (OST) with visions of building amazing and effective mobile applications. We nurture every client’s idea with the help of our experts, all under one roof and part of one team, which saves time and money and eliminates communication challenges.

  OST considers every client idea an apple seed. Our development team nurtures and grows it into an apple tree. When the idea grows larger and starts producing apples, our marketing team helps sell the apples. We’re with you every step of the way, because we can’t succeed unless you do

At the start of every project, we need to ask several questions.  We ask these questions because they matter to your success.

  1.   What is your product about?
  2.   Who will use your App and why?
  3.   How many people will use your app when it goes live?
  4.   What is your 1 to 2-year business plan?

Sometimes these are hard questions to answer. We simply want to know what your company’s mission is so we can act as a partner in your growth. If we all plan for the future, both the product and our client relationship will grow strong and together over time.

Ready to sign the NDA:

From the outset, OST will enter into a Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) so that your idea is protected and we are freely able to discuss the inner workings of what makes your idea unique. Moving forward, with items like a copyright, trademark, patent, or to the details of the product terms and conditions, there are always legal considerations. OST does not provide legal advice, but we do have experience working with seasoned attorneys who can provide you the best advice for now and in the future. A legal team that is in sync with the Software Application Development Company produces a more refined, secure, and improved user experience. Depending on the product’s purpose, we can point you in the right direction and let the legal experts guide you.

Download NDA format here.

Product Life Cycle
Product Life Cycle

The Wire-frame:

How does data intersect with your project? Where does it come from? How does it affect the user experience? Is the product simple and intuitive? With OST, every app idea has to start with a wire-frame. This is where OST talks to you about what your app should do and how data and content interacts with the user . We’ll then share our experiences and produce the wire-frame.
Without an accurate wire-frame design, or one that does not go deep enough, the user experience is hard to map and even harder to program. This is frequently where complaints about work occurs for both the client and the development team. That’s why OST takes this planning period so seriously. The time taken to flesh out the details in the beginning, gives both the client and OST a clear picture of the process before actual design and development begins.


What is the look you are going for? Is it classic or retro? The design team at OST is capable of providing multiple iterations so the look and feel is exactly what you want. But, what you want may not be what the user wants. In this scenario, we recommend field testing (where applicable) different iterations and measuring the response. In doing so, we are able to identify the designs that produce the highest conversion rates. Only then does the model become complete from a design standpoint.

Brand Design/ Logo Design: Many clients come to us with ideas for an app but have not thought about their logo or color  scheme.  As a part of the OST design process, we can incorporate a new logo design. Do you need something that is simple and effective?  Should the logo be defined by the icon on a phone or your marketing plan?  Either way, we’ll help you identify the best way to make the logo work for your business.


Technology is always the biggest question, and when you are non-technical then it is a pain. If someone suggested the technology side of the app without understanding the app’s requirements, then it’s time to say big No.
At OST, we help you by opting for ‘right-fit’ technologies. We follow agile so you can start to see benefits after a short time. Our technology experts are available who will understand and answer your technical queries.
We work using phases/milestones/tasks and can show project progress in between or at the completion of each milestone/task on a staging server.
Our testing teamwork parallels with the developers, and we do manual or automation testing based on the requirements of the project. We avoid using Simulators and test in all standard real devices so we can go through the real user experience.


We know the Android and Apple Store guidelines, and we can set up the App store account/prepare to launch your app.


How does my App get found? Do I need a website for my App? There are no hard and fast rules here. We can promote apps in various app stores and increase app downloads, traffic, and/or reviews.
We have Google-certified in-house Digital Marketing experts who work as partners to achieve your future goals. We provide monthly stats so we can track the progress.


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