Keep Your Brand in Your User’s Smartphone:

Why staying connected to your users is so important with a mobile app

For entrepreneurs building business through a mobile app, staying on top of mind for customers remains a priority long after launch, and even after a customer has already downloaded your app. Yes, giving the down loader access to your goods and services is great, and one of the major goals of a mobile app. But a mobile app is more than just a simple tool for users to take advantage of when they want or need to take advantage of it. A mobile app can also be a way to facilitate and foster ongoing business with a user who has demonstrated a vested interest in your company.

On the other hand, a mobile app you never update and add new features can easily be forgotten by a user amidst the crowd of other app icons the user has on his, her or their phone. In many ways getting a user to initially download the app is not the main struggle: the main point of concern is often users sticking with your app after they download it.

Mobile App Retention: Stay in Your Customer’s Pocket for Longer

As a business owner with a mobile app (or just a concept), you may be aware of the phrase ‘retention versus churn.’ This phrase compares the rate the user keeps using your app (retention), versus the rate that users abandon an app (churn). A study from a recent year shows that in the first month, just 43% of worldwide app users retained their apps on average, and after three months a mere 29% average of downloaders retained apps. Up to 25% of users may even abandon an app after their first usage.

At least according to the numbers, you cannot guarantee a user will stick with your app after he, she or they download it. For those who have already launched an app, you may be well aware of these retention statistics. Even after an initial wave of users downloading your app after launch, you may struggle with revenue if part of your business model revolves around mobile app usage. Companies can struggle with keeping their mobile app fresh and exciting.

However, to combat these churn rates, a company can stay sharp and implement shrewd updates long after they have gone to market with an app. Mobile app development is in fact not a one-time process, but rather an ongoing process that adapts to the trends and realities of the market the app enters. Ongoing updates and changes will be necessary, but that does not mean you should be discouraged. You have plenty of strategies available to you to keep your app fresh and interesting for users.

App Promotions and Deals: The Gift That Keeps on Giving for Mobile

One of the goals of your mobile app strategy will be to increase engagement with your app.
To do so, you and your business will have a number of tools at your disposal for keeping their customers interested and engaged.

  • Informational Updates:- Let’s say that your company has started to use up to 90% recycled paper for business. You want to share your environmentalist progress with your users, to remind them that your company is staying up to date with current global events. Sending your users notifications about significant, company-wide updates can not only keep your brand in your customer’s mind, but also theoretically enhance their perception of your brand. If even just a little, updating your users on where your company and brand are headed can subtly influence their perception of you towards the positive.
  • Promotions:- With a mobile app, you can send special offers to customers via push notification. Also, if you do not want to go the push notification route, you can also send alerts in-app. These promotions can help stimulate purchases of your products and services, and reminds your users that your business is still growing, and their patronage is still appreciated.
  • Geo fencing:- As a tool for marketing and strategically promoting geographically limited offers to your client, Geo fencing can be a great way to target and build a local audience. Sending blanket messages and updates to all of your users may annoy them and end up backfiring. By limiting certain offers to a Geo fenced location, you can give your local audience perks that will positively influence your brand reputation. Sending goodies to your mobile app users is a great way to keep your business on top of mind for them.

Keeping your Brand in the Customer’s Mind

Having your app downloaded will remind your customer about you, even if they just see your icon a few times a day on their smartphone screens. Finding ways to interact with your user means standing a better chance at doing repeat business with him, her or them. A business can craft new web content, strategic promotions, and exciting new user experiences to help its app and brand stand out among its competitors.

Furthermore, working with, not around, social media will help your users stay engaged. Most smartphone users check Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, Twitter, and other platforms to stay up to date on current events and interact with friends. By working with a partner that performs social media marketing and even third-party integration, you can utilize popular social media channels to keep your brand in your customer’s pocket.

How OpenSource Can Help

OpenSource Technologies is an experienced mobile app developer who can help your app maintain its presence in your users’ life long after download. With teams that work on app development, strategy, digital marketing, content, and more, OST will work with you one-on-one to make sure your users retain your mobile or web app.

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