7 Reasons Your Company Needs a Mobile App

Over the years, the mobile application industry has been growing steadily. Organizations have embraced the idea of creating mobile apps for their businesses. However, not every business owner is convinced about the benefits of creating a mobile application.

Is building a mobile app for your business worth it?

Does your business need a mobile app?

Well, if you’re one of the business owners who ask these questions, this article is ideal for you. We’ve created this piece to show you the 7 reasons your company needs a mobile app.

Grab a cup of coffee, let’s dive right into it!

#1 Increased Visibility

Did you know that the number of mobile users was projected to reach 7.49 billion worldwide in 2025? The number of mobile users stood at 7.1 billion in 2021. It’s expected to rise to 7.26 billion by 2022. As of December 2020, 55.73% of people use mobile compared to 41.46 on desktops worldwide.
These stats show that companies that create great experiences with mobile apps stand better chances of leveraging the huge mobile user base to grow their businesses. Since the number of mobile users is increasing exponentially, you’ve got the opportunity to gain more visibility with a mobile application.

#2 Mobile Users Spend More Time on Mobile Apps

The use of mobile applications has been on the rise. Mobile app downloads are projected to reach 258 billion by 2022. That’s a 45% increase from 2017. Moreover, the average time spent daily on mobile reached 4 hours and 10 minutes in 2020, and 92% of time spent on mobile is spent using apps.
The above study shows that your potential customers spend roughly 250 minutes every day using their mobile devices. It further reveals that they spend 230 minutes (92% of 250 minutes) using mobile apps.

Creating an app makes it easier to reach and interact with your target market. Today, customers prefer an app experience. You have to give it to them if you want to stay profitable and competitive. It’s advisable to take your business to where your target audience spends more time.

#3 Build a Brand Image

A mobile app enables you to create new competitive advantages by showcasing your brand’s image. It helps you to spread your brand’s message across multiple demographics, thereby providing the ingredients necessary for propagating your company as the go-to destination in your industry.

#4 Customer Insights

Mobile apps can provide customer insights necessary for implementing data-driven marketing strategies. Insights such as customer behaviors, buyer personas, search patterns, and customer feedback can be effortlessly acquired from apps.

These insights are tedious to get “traditionally”. However, with contemporary mobile technologies, you can get reliable customer insights from your app. Insights help you to track trends, predict where the market is headed, and devise strategies to be many steps ahead of competitors.

#5 Advertising Advantages

There are app advertising features that companies leverage to attract new clients and make more revenue from existing customers. These features include analytics, push notifications, promo tools, personalization, social networking integrations, and more.

Push notifications help you communicate with customers, retarget clients, and keep them enthusiastic about your offers. According to a report by Invesp, 48% of customers purchased after receiving a push notification. In addition, push notification boosted customer retention rate by 3-10 times.

Analytical tools provide performance insights that tell you how your business is doing. Performance insights show you what you’re doing well and the things you need to change to reach your business goals.

Promo features enable you to create promotional campaigns to launch new products, reward loyal customers, boost sales, and so on. Personalization and social features improve user experience and enable customers to share their experiences with their friends.

#6 Better Customer Service

Mobile apps enhance customer service by reducing the time it usually takes to resolve queries. This is achieved by shortening the communication cycle and connecting customers directly to customer service agents. Moreover, integrating a chatbot with an app enables response automation, thereby making immediate resolution of queries possible.

#7 Better Customer Experience and Engagement

Being able to track customer search patterns enables you to recommend products to them based on those insights. With this approach, you’re raising your bottom line and at the same time, providing a top-notch experience for your app users. Mobile apps are easily accessible and tailored towards customers’ convenience. As a result, apps offer a better user experience and engagement than other channels like websites.
Wrapping Up – How Do You Build a Mobile App for Your Company?
Building a mobile app for your business is highly rewarding. However, the mobile development company you choose to build your app is an important factor. Choosing the right mobile development agency boosts your chances of creating a successful app.

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