Auto Scrolling Testimonials

Auto Scrolling Testimonials plugin allows you to show testimonials with auto scrolling effect in the side bar by using widget. There is also a shortcode functionaility which helps to show testimonials records in pages. To show testimonials on pages you can use the shortcode [astlist]. This shortcode also accepts the different arguments. For example [ostlist… Continue reading Auto Scrolling Testimonials

OST 3D Image Tag Cloud

OST 3D Image Tag Cloud allows you to display your site’s tags using jquery that rotates the image tags in 3D.

Responsive Logo Slideshow

Responsive Logo Slideshow provides a powerfull and nice javascript/DHTML Slideshow/Slider for WordPress. It can be integrated anywhere on your Blog/Website (Looks best in Footer). This plugin shows 10 of your most favourite Logos with a Link to their Homepage.This is perfect for everybody providing Webdesign or any other Service to show their references:

FB Auto Complete with Post Image

“FB-Auto-complete-with-image-post” is a plug-in that empowers you to customize options from FB Auto-complete settings page. Hereinafter you may find its feature-rich and smart functionalities: Plug-in displays all post in search box in auto suggest way. you only have to create a post and that post title will be suggest like Facebook do in search field.… Continue reading FB Auto Complete with Post Image